Rising from the intimate, for all the world 

 The word ‘anthemic’ describes something that rises from within and brings people together in the beauty and power of unison. It describes something that brings a beautiful truth to be reckoned with unto the outside world, and invites all to partake in it and to be changed by it. seeks to be a place of expression and faith, and a beacon of the life and truth of Jesus Christ, and is a ministry of Face to Face Worldwide.

About Anthemic


Anthemic is a series of verse about the wonder of finding God in life. Comprised of The Expression of Divine and a yet-to-be-released follow-up, Anthemic cuts through the noise with the one thing that is true and eternal. It reflects what has endured, what is for today, and what will forever continue to be sung about. Its aim is to be a burning light, an anthemic rising of a cry that is deeply personal, yet to be on display for the whole world. Anthemic features the photography of Nathan Tecson.

ePub Anthemic: The Expression of Divine (Kobo, Nook, etc Compatible)
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ePub Anthemic: The Expression of Divine (Kobo, Nook, etc Compatible)
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Includes the photography of Nathan Tecson.

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