The numbering of my days is tearing at the very core of my being

This way is harder than I know anyone can know!

I will hold onto Your word, as everything slips through my hands like sand

Though I feel my very life not seeking Your upward call, the precious water of my life leaking steadily,

When I feel the pain of my life not building the only thing that matters,

Lord, give me peace!

What is this story You are writing?

Is there peace for me when I will no longer be in the land of the living?

Can I be at peace?

Can I be at peace with the balance of eternity's weight upon me?

Redeem the time.

Redeem the lost time with a moment in Your presence,

So my soul says...

Where does my responsibility end and Your working and grace begin?

Lord, the way to choose the reproaches of Christ instead of the riches of this life crushes me,

It is too difficult for me, too narrow for me

Is there help that will come?

From where does my help come?

Only in the knowledge of my Eternal Dwellingplace can I have peace

Only remembering the dust of lives of the saints gives me a little consolation

As You spoke to Moses, so You spoke to me

And there is no witness to this but the dust of the future

I am dust

I am the dust of future pasts

I see behind me to move forward

What has been will be

He Who Has Been will be

Somehow, somewhere, I am in there

Somewhere, this testimony right now will be understood completely,

By someone that Your power overshadows

I speak to you:

You will make it through,

Somehow I have made it through

Because I see those before me now

Stories and lives of faith complete,

And mine as well

He will see you through


The Scriptures can give me endurance

Your presence with me is assurance,

Abiding solace

You are our dwelling place and yet You are here with me now

Between the here and eternity,

Between the what and the if,

Somehow Your peace will protect me,

And everything will be ok,

Everything will be ok

Somehow, everything will work out

Somehow the will for good was redemption of the time…


Oh, God of Moses!

You are not ashamed to be known by his name,

Because it was You who first chose him,

You who orchestrated it all before You made the dust of the earth

Oh, God of David!

I know it was not just his songs that pleased Your soul!

Nor just because of the battlefield that You saw him victorious

I am more than the sum of the footprints I leave, or the echoes I originated in this world.

And somehow, in Your sight this here is enough

This is enough,

I am enough.

And somehow,

You have already seen me through

I ride Your loving hand to completion, to glory,

To perfection

To the ancients, who are no different than us…


A simple prayer is going to all nations


The power of my God is the fulfillment of my destiny


Your wonder-working power is the overcoming of all my fears

I will be brought to the one who tests hearts,

To the one behind it all,

The glory,

The story,

This prayer,

The cross


The running is the finishing

Somehow, You eyes and Your will are one

Somehow, this moment right now is what faith looks like

And, somehow, everything will be ok

Everything will be ok...