Go on

The pain makes the hope of peace and purpose more beautiful

The deepest desire of a Hand reaching out to me makes me somehow -

Somehow, take one step forward

Like gravity

I know You are there in the silence

I know the silence speaks

I know that stillness understands the language of an eternal voice

So I will be still - and know

I know that this pain is worth something

Yes, I know this pain is worth something!

And because of that, I will go on

My choice I make when no one sees to go on living is beautiful

Much more beautiful than suicide

Each moment more I go on is an abounding,

Because this life was a gift

With every breath I am made more conscious of a mystery You are whispering to me

Across what I thought was a void


And this mystery You reveal to me...

It is the mystery of me

With each moment, I contemplate what You have made by love -

What You have shared with the world, by love

The unknown is wondrous,

Anchored in eternity

With each step, I walk in discovery of an eternal present

Of that which would have been lost -

My portion from Your hand

Each moment, I go on -

The pain writing a story of freedom

And I see Your face,

A hand that is ever reaching out to me